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We don’t see ourselves as just a cycling company. We’re part of a much bigger mission. We unlock the power of inspiration & impact. It’s why we show up to work and it’s what keeps us moving forward, together. We’re committed to connecting more people to cycling and empowering them to go by bike, because we think bikes help us live a deeper, richer and more rewarding life.

Cyclists Taking Off For a Ride

Therefore, it’s our mission to:

Inspire a spirit of freedom and performance for cyclists everywhere, and a love of cycling for future generations. Positively impact people, communities and the environment. And we do this by living five core values, which guide our decisions and shape our perspectives on the world around us. You’ll find these values literally etched in the floors and walls of our headquarters, but more importantly, in the hearts of every PEARL iZUMi employee.

Our values are more than words. We live them, encourage them and protect them day in and day out.


Whether protecting you from the elements or being transparent about our business, we see trust as a core product attribute and a building block of a responsible business.


We were founded by a passionate craftsman. His attention to detail, quest to innovate the material and the making of it, and passion for precision guides our hand in the creation of every product and program we develop.


We believe that understanding what riders think and feel is the first step in developing gear to truly serve their needs. Our experience shows that connecting and listening is a major driver for meaningful innovation.


We strive to make the biggest positive impact on our cycling community and the absolute smallest negative impact on our environment. After all, our ability to ride our bikes is afforded by a healthy planet on which to ride.

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Our passion for riding and the belief that bicycles are part of the solution for many of the world’s current challenges motivates us to push a little more. The better we do our jobs the more we share the stoke.

Mountain Biker Carrying Bike Down an Extremely Technical Trail

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